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Buzzlinks are easy-to-type, easy-to-remember hyperlinks to Buzz Town content dispersed around the Web. Each buzzlink begins with a short keyword and ends with "". For example, the FAQ for live shows is buzzlinked to "", which redirects to "". See the #List of active buzzlinks below.


Use the talk/discussion page to request a change or addition. The table below shows where each active buzzlink currently redirects, so please do not edit it except to correct mistakes. Feld is responsible for buzzlink maintenance.


No more than 90 buzzlinks may be active at any given time, so per-episode or per-user buzzlinks are not currently practical. Instead, all episode pages are accessible from the guide or episodes buzzlinks, and listener pages are accessible through the nicks or fans buzzlinks.

Buzzlinks can take slightly longer to load than direct links because they first hit a redirect server, which also doubles the normal risk of connection failure. Buzzlinks work well for chats, bookmarks, and typing into browser location bars; but for links embedded in permanent Web pages, it's better to use the full URIs listed here.


The and domains currently redirect here (


Main Sites[]

Buzzlink Description Direct URI
bol BOL Audio Podcast Blog (Weekdays)
live WatchBOL Live Shows TV and chat
(Weekdays 10:30 a.m. PDT)
tv BOL with chat and reruns when not live
chat Full-window #CNETFans Chat Room only (Open 24x7) ?channel=%23CNETFans & &settings=be96df7fcfa083c8215b124e00b20dc6 &noServerMotd=true &promptPass=true &nick=%20 &customprompt=Join%20The%20CNET%20Chat%20(password%20optional)
video Video Reruns of the live shows name=Buzz%2520Out%2520Loud &type=node&value=19709 &tag=showInfo%3bepisodeInfo
wiki Buzz Out Loud Wiki explaining all things BOL
stream Raw live stream view for IRC clients
lounge BOL Lounge at CNET Forums
center NEW Buzz Town Center, the BOL social network
tag Links tagged for BOL

Helpful Links[]

Buzzlink Description Direct URI
faq FAQ for live shows and chat
alt Alternate WatchBOL Failsafe
admin Admin Contact for Wiki, BOLchat, and WatchBOL: pb30
alex Explain why buzz fans are Alex
alpha Old Show Notes to 2007-10-08
archive Official CNET BOL archive forumID=97 &threadID=259531 &messageID=2558270 #2558270
bits Buzz Bits at Buzz Town Center
blog Blogs at Buzz Town Center
blogs Same as blog
bolcats BOLcats info
bolchat Direct to IRC #bolchat, use chat for ?channel=%23CNETFans & &settings=be96df7fcfa083c8215b124e00b20dc6 &noServerMotd=true &promptPass=true &nick=%20 &customprompt=Join%20The%20CNET%20Chat%20(password%20optional)
camp Buzz Camp event information
ces BOL Consumer Electronics Show coverage
dictionary The Buzz Out Loud Dictionary
drm Explanation of Dr. M
events Calendar of Events at Buzz Town Center
expo BOL expo info (currently Spectaclefest)
facebook BOL Facebook page
fans List of BOL listeners
fcol For Crying Out Loud
flickr BOL Flickr group
forums Official "BOL lounge" forums
frappr BOL Frappr map
guide BOL Episode Guide Wiki
help BOL Wiki Help
hosts BOL Hosts wiki
index BOL Wiki Index
jaiku BOL Jaiku channel
jamoto JaMoTo explanation
jason Jason Howell updates
jobs BOL jobs (for volunteers)
law The Buzztown Constitution
linux Linux Chaser info
loi Explain LOI
map BOL Frappr map
mayor Mayor of Buzztown
molly Molly Wood updates
mug Explain the chat room's Mug meme
new Create a new Wiki page
news News about live shows
nick BOL host and listener nicknames and monikers.
nicks Same as "nick", plural form
nickserv List of NickServ commands for WatchBOL chat.
novel The 140novel being written by BOL hosts
odeo BOL Odeo Show Archive
pen Tom's mad pen flipping skillz
phd The BOLU Doctorate in Buzzology
podcast The Official BOL podcast feed
random Play BOL Wiki Roulette
rant BOL Rant Wiki
report The Buzz Report vidcast with Molly Wood
riaa Explain RIAA and why it inspires rants.
ringtones Buzz Out Loud Ringtones
rules The BOL Wiki Rules
shoe Steve Jobs' Shoe spoof
stats WatchBOL chat room statistics
stubs Short BOL Wiki pages to expand
studio BOL recording studio information
talk BOL Wiki Forum:Discussion talk pages
tom Tom Merritt updates
topics List of BOL topics discussed on the show
twitter Buzz Bot Twitter Feed
veronica Former producer/host Veronica Belmont updates
watch WatchBOL live shows
youtube BOL YouTube group