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Found this on the web when I was trying to find an answer for hotaussiebabe's question on the forums- "Buzz Out Loud Lounge: What is the definition of a Buzz Town Citizen?"- posted on 3/3/08 at 10:19 PM:

Q. How do I get my Buzz Town Citizenship- quickly, with all speed, and all timeliness?[]


Listen to all of the shows including the first one that was never published but was mentioned in the pre/post show chat in the uStream cast.

If you listen to them in their entirety- no fast forward or increased speed of playback- with nothing to distract you (Family, Friends, Facebook, Twitter, Pets, etc.) and read the show notes as well, you have completed the Fastrak Citizenship pass course work for BuzzTown Citizenship.

Congratulations for your accomplishment.


You don't need to listen to all of the shows in a continuous series, but you do need to access all of the links from the show notes. A hint for accessing apparently dead links is to look for Google's cached version of the site, search CNET for alternative routes and information, or check out


How can I improve my general Buzz Town knowledge? (IE: How can I supplement my Fastrak Citizenship course?)


For a supplementary course to the Fastrak Citizenship course, read the entirety of all the host's Twitter archives (This includes Veronica's and JumoJr. (also known as Baby Buzz or by his given name Eli).


Tom is known publicly on the web as "acedtect"; Molly: "mollywood"; Jason: "raygun01"; Veronica: "Veronica"; Eli: "jumojr."