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About this wiki Edit

This wiki is dedicated to CNET's Podcast of Indeterminate Length, Buzz Out Loud. The wiki focuses on the podcast's hosts, listeners, episodes and topics.

Please dive in and add and edit topics, based on the discussions on the Buzz Out Loud podcast, the Buzz Out Loud blog and the Buzz Out Loud Lounge.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Wiki please leave them on the Community Portal.

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Latest episode Edit

# 1588
Title Loved the Show
Date April 5, 2012

News Edit

4/5/2012 Last show
9/23/2011 Last daily show
9/1/2011 BOL will be a weekly show starting September 29th Read more.
7/1/2011 BOL reaches 1500 episodes
3/28/2011 Stephen Beacham's first day as producer.
11/1/2010 Brian Tong's first day as full time co-host.
10/29/2010 Rafe Needleman's last day as full time co-host.
9/24/2010 Jason Howell co-hosts BOL for the last time as a CNET employee.
9/7/2010 Jason Howell announces that he will be leaving CNET on September 24.

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