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This wiki is dedicated to CNET's Podcast of Indeterminate Length, Buzz Out Loud. The wiki focuses on the podcast hosts, listeners, episodes and topics.

Please dive in and add and edit topics, based on the discussions on the Buzz Out Loud podcast, the Buzz Out Loud blog, and the Buzz Out Loud Lounge.

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  • 12/22 Last live regular episode of 2009
  • 10/26 The #CNETfans chat room is now at
  • 6/18 Show #1000
  • 6/15 The new CNET Live page goes officially LIVE
  • 6/12 Beta test of the new CNET Live site that will replace WatchBOL
  • 5/23 Jason's first "Today on CNETTV" with the rest of the BOL crew.
  • 3/26 Show #939, first non-ustream broadcast. CNET tv players are now embedded at WatchBOL
  • 3/6 Show #925, the first successful live stream using the new cameras and TriCaster.
  • 2/13 The famous black CNET mug is now available in the CBS store.

Latest Episodes

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

BOL 1140: Live from CES 2010

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  • 01/11 No BOL or any live shows on CNET (CES Hangover)
  • 01/09 BOL live from CES 1pm PST
  • 01/06-01/08 BOL live from CES 9am PST
  • "01/05" No Live Episode
  • 01/04 Next live episode
  • 08/14 Thanks to Alex (aka alexthekid from the chat), you can download the OSX BOL widget here
  • 08/06 Host Schedule Change: Molly and Natali have swapped days. Now Molly Wood is on Monday & Wednesday and Natali del Conte is on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • 08/04 Listen to the special interview with federal CTO Aneesh Chopra Listen Now
  • 05/22 Update the BOL wiki Help with the episode list, add favorite topics or moments and do a profile

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