BOLcat of "buzzers" bee-ing Alex. Get it now, Tom? (679)

Alex is the name of many Buzz Out Loud listeners. Recently, it has become a running gag that all Buzz Out Loud listeners be called Alex (Although in the post show of 708, the Buzz team declared the "Alex" meme over). To date, a contributor named Alex has been featured on every listener co-host show (episodes 627 and 628).

Buzz Out Loud listeners that are named AlexEdit

Alex from Miami Beach - perhaps the most famous Alex in Buzztown, the first listener co-host.

Alex Brewer - a regular contributor featured on the second listener co-host show.

Alex from Holland - Nobody knows me, Tales on IRC and alex_smurf on the forums.

Alex from Brazil - A listener who enjoys running while listening to BOL.

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