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Wed, May 18, 1983 (39)
Phoenix, AZ


ASU stands for Arizona State University, I graduated in 2006 with a degree in Industrial design.

I work at a company that designs and manufactures computer controlled laser engraving machines.

On The Web[]

I'm probably around somewhere...

Involvement with Buzz Out Loud[]

I have been a loyal #cnetfans chatter since episode 1008. I heard about BOL from mollywood on the Buzz Report when she said everyone was gearing up for the 1000th episode.

Raygun01 sometimes pronounces my name asuedesigner because it looks like Asus. :)

Show title contributions:

  • BOL1032 : the chat room says no
  • BOL1035 : gadget of the year 2006
  • BOL1047 : dance dance rafeolution (not used)

Podcast mentions:

  • BOL1067: I want to control everything with my thoughts, instead of with buttons. mollywood agrees.
  • BOL1080: Title suggestion: Canadians can't read... Kindles. acedtect thought that was mean.
  • BOL1087: Gave acedtect an engadget update on the spring design ebook reader, it is not for barnes and noble.
  • BOL1088: Corrected acedtect when saying natalidelconte is in Las Vegas, she is actually in Phoenix for i-stage.
  • BOL1104: Informed acedtect that modern warfare 2 was highly pirated.
  • BOL1180: Gave acedtect the number of fake processors sent out by Newegg.
  • BOL1228: Had my email read on the show wishing acedtect farewell.
  • BOL1300: mollywood read my statement from the chat room that I was listening to the show using skyfire on my winmo phone.
  • BOL1330: Rafe read my post that angry birds is ad based free on android

Alternate nicknames:

  • ASUdesignRRR - Talk like a pirate day
  • ASUdecapitator - Halloween
  • ASUbiscuits - Thanksgiving
  • ASUrudolf - Holiday Help Desk

Podcast attendance:

  • BOL1141 and BOL1142 at CES 2010

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