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The 700 MHz Spectrum is a highly desireable portion of the wireless spectrum that has recently been opened for auction by the FCC. Due to its potential for high-speed data transmission, the auction has attracted the attention of a number of high-stakes media companies including Google and Verizon. Although the bidding procedure is anonymous, other large mobile carriers including AT&T and EchoStar Corp may also have interests in aquiring portions of the spectrum at auction.

The 700 Mhz spectrum is a frequently mentioned topic on Buzz out Loud due to its implications in the mobile broadband arena--a market notorious for its reluctance to open networks and lack of high-speed coverage. It is expected that a Google win in this auction could help propel the wireless communications industry to roll out faster, more open networks ahead of "schedule" (although Molly is skeptical of any schedule whatsoever). Verizon's recent decision to open their wireless network -- a move apparently resulting from the release of Google's Android platform is often cited as evidence of Google's influence in the wireless marketplace.

Due to an email send in by the frequent contributor, Techpriest , which discussed the potential for the spectrum and the possibility of a Google "Ultimate cell network 2.0", the 700MHZ has become something that the Buzztown commmunity refers to as the "Cure all, end all" to many problems, such as DRM, defeating DR.M, net neutrality etc

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